On this special edition of The Micah Hanks Program, after touching on news stories that include a significant report that was leaked by news services in Canada recently on missing Indigenous women and children, we then turn our attention to a case that has long held our fascination, involving the disappearance of a small boy in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1969.

Dennis Lloyd Martin was six-years-old at the time of his disappearance, and vanished while camping with his family at the Spence Field Shelter in near Cades Cove. Despite a search effort that would prove to be the largest in National Park Service history, searchers were unable to find Dennis Martin, nor any clear indication of what might have happened to him.

During a recent visit to the rugged mountains where Martin vanished 50 years ago, Micah and his colleague Jason visited the location where Dennis was last seen and noted several key elements about the location with relevance to the case, and how it has been reported over the years. Are there still things we can learn about a “cold case” like this even half a century later?

Then in the second hour, we are joined by Michael Bouchard, author of the book Forever Searching: Lost in the Smoky Mountains (1969 Cold Case File Dennis Lloyd Martin). Bouchard has more than three decades of experience in law enforcement and has been involved in numerous investigations of missing person cases. He brings his knowledge and experience to the discussion, as we discuss one of the most perplexing disappearances ever to have occurred in our National Parks.

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