Linville Gorge

This week on the program, as we begin to engage for hurricane season here in the Carolinas, we lead off with news that includes a 3.8-million-year-old early human ancestor, as well as a few items from the “crypto-corner” and the world of nature and physics. Then getting to the heart of the discussion, Micah brings the listeners along for an adventure into the heart of one America’s most scenic–and mysterious–wilderness locations: The Linville Gorge.

Outlining the curious history of this protected wilderness, we begin with the history of the Brown Mountain Lights, a unique earthlight phenomenon that is purported to occur in the Gorge, and which Micah has studied now for a number of years. We also discuss some of the Cherokee legends and folklore about the area, in addition to stories of unusual animal sightings as Micah sends “dispatches from the road” in true Maverick Podcasting style.

Parts of the Linville Gorge were also featured in the documentary series Hellier, in which stars Greg and Dana Newkirk accompanied Micah to some of his famous locations along the rugged cliffs and caves of the Gorge. We cover the history of some of the local folklore that has caused so much intrigue about the location, beginning with the story of Ralph Lael, an early “contactee” who claimed not only to have met alien beings, but even possessed what some called an “alien mummy.” Micah’s extensive research into this topic leads us to a very different conclusion about this unusual item of esoterica… we also discuss odd rumors about an “underground base” in the region, and how they stemmed from an obscure book published in the late 1970s.

Finally, as our story reaches its climax, Micah returns–alone–to an eerie cave location for the first time in years, documenting the experience in podcast form and rounding out an adventure story sure to entertain both intrepid mountain climbers and armchair scholars alike.

Below are links to stories discussed on this week’s program:

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