For decades, rumors of an alleged film depicting the landing of a flying saucer at Holloman Air Force Base have persisted, following the depiction of a story based on the alleged incident in a 1970s documentary, UFOs: Past, Present, and Future, and in a book of the same title by Robert Emenegger. The story emerged after Emenegger was purportedly told he would be given the footage for his documentary, a promise his sources did not keep.

Over the years, several similar instances of this “dangling carrot” phenomenon, where UFO researchers were promised explosive information by military officials, only to be denied the information at a later time, have occurred. It was ultimately revealed that much of this had involved disinformation efforts by special agents with the United States Air Force during the 1970s and 1980s, an effort that some claim is still underway. This week, we explore the question of disinformation related to UFOs on The Micah Hanks Program. 

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