In 1977, panic had struck the northern coast of Brazil. Many residents on the island of Colares and nearby locales like Belém were reporting nighttime observations of strange lights in the sky, which often cast bright beams of light toward individuals that left burns, unusual markings, and other physical effects.

The reports became so concerning that local officials requested aid from the Brazilian Air Force, who spent four months between 1977 and 1978 investigating the unidentified flying objects appearing over the island. The program, dubbed Operação Prato or “Operation Saucer”, resulted in four pieces of film footage depicting one of the objects, along with hundreds of photographs representing unusual illuminations and aerial objects in the skies above Northern Brazil. The files were later released by the Brazilian National Archives, and comprise what some feel to be one of the most comprehensive government UFO studies in all history.

We examine this unusual period in Brazilian history, the “attacks” by UFOs that were allegedly occurring at that time, and what the government response to the affair had been on this week’s edition of The Micah Hanks Program. 

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  1. Micah,
    Thank you for the kind words concerning our Rendlesham incident(s). All these years later and John says things will get resolved, but I truly wonder if we will get FULL disclosure. I can hope..:) All the best, I love listening to all your shows, Lindy *Cookie*

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