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In December 1967, Maryellen Kelley felt an electric shock go through her body as she stood outside her home in Mohomet, Illinois, watching an orange UFO pass overhead. She was later stricken with a headache, and the skin on her hands, face, and legs reddened as if burned. In October 1973, trucker Eddie Webb was blinded for several days after a bright light struck him while driving along a stretch of highway in eastern Missouri late one night. In May 1967, prospector Stephan Michalak was blasted by hot air or gas as he approached a strange, landed aircraft, which suddenly shot into the sky.

In each of the UFO cases described here, witnesses claimed to have suffered strange physical effects in the aftermath of their encounters. However, there is perhaps no incident in the history of UFO research that involves physical effects suffered by witnesses more well known than the famous Cash Landrum affair, involving two Texas women who developed a number of odd symptoms following a nighttime encounter with a bright, hovering object outside of Dayton, Texas. But what to odd incidents like these help us learn about the unidentified aircraft described by such witnesses, and do they offer any clues about the technologies behind them? We explore these questions this week on The Micah Hanks Program.

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