UAP Sightings

What if world militaries were beginning to make detections with advanced sensory equipment that corroborated sightings of phenomena not unlike historic accounts dating back centuries that involve strange phenomena in our skies? And what if a growing number of observers were beginning to come forward and describe their sightings of these anomalous phenomena?

This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we kick off the New Year with a brand new feel in this special first installment of the podcast for 2024, and following an exciting announcement, we examine several sightings of uncanny aerial phenomena observed by witnesses who have reported their personal accounts in recent weeks. Ranging from strange spheres to saucers, big black triangles, and other unusual phenomena, we wade into the thick of one of the greatest modern enigmas of science.

Have you had a UFO/UAP sighting? Please consider sending us your sighting report, which may be of great importance to our scientific understanding of these phenomena. You can submit your sightings here, and we are happy to ensure anonymity for those who prefer not to share their information publicly. 

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Show Notes

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