Mysterious sounds of unexplained origin have been documented in places all around the world. Such noises are often likened to thunder-like “booms” or explosions, and although a number of suggestions have been made as to what their causes may be, no conclusive determinations have been made. What are the “mystery booms,” and what kinds of phenomena–natural or otherwise–might account for their occurrence?

On this edition of The Micah Hanks Program, we after news and updates on the discovery of the famous Forrest Fenn treasure (as well as several similar instances of “lost” treasures from over the years), we go in pursuit of answers to the mystery boom phenomenon. While many of the booms have conventional explanations, there may also be instances where natural phenomena can result in loud booms late in the evening or early morning hours. More tantalizing, however, is the idea that some of the booms might be related to unidentified hypersonic aircraft, for which there is a surprising amount of evidence. We look at that, and much more on this week’s episode of The Micah Hanks Program.

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  1. There was an arrest in the PA booms:

    In our formerly very rural area of PA, south of the Lehigh Valley, recent years have brought an influx of Residents who commute to the Philly suburbs. They are uniformly ignorant of the well known habits of the teenage offspring of longtime residents: aka; setting off explosives as a recreational pursuit. Fireworks, Pumpkin Balls, blasting caps, even quarter sticks of dynamite, all have long been popular with the wilder elements of the local teenage set. These explosions happen at night, usually late at night, because that’s the time period when said teenagers can avoid their parents’ supervision.

    Also, the local terrain is quite hilly, leading to acoustic shadows and refraction – which are phenomena known to the local teenaged explosives enthusiasts. (Science education in the local school system is uniformly excellent.)

    This will not account for all booms, of course; however, I suspect it will explain any number of them.

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