UFOs on radar

In 1956, one of the most widely-regarded UFO incidents in history occurred over airbases in the eastern UK, where unusual objects were both tracked on radar and also pursued by pilots. Even the famous Condon Committee’s investigators appeared to be perplexed by the incident, which depicted one of the most widely-discussed cases involving UFOs on radar… but is there cause for reconsidering the case, and the facts about it that are commonly reported?

Joining us is Dr. David Clarke, Associate Professor in the Department of Media Arts and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Dr. Clarke’s new article in the Fortean Times, “Angels and Echoes: UFOs on Radar” casts a skeptical eye at some of the more popular radar visual incidents from over the years, and asks some necessary hard questions about the broader UAP topic. We discuss this with him, as well as more modern radar visual encounters, on this week’s edition of The Micah Hanks Program. 

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